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Finding healthier food and drinks in Canberra just got easier

What is Healthier Choices Canberra?

Healthier Choices Canberra is about making it easier for Canberrans to find tasty, fresh and healthier food and drink options at the places we go to regularly:

  • when we’re eating out
  • buying groceries at the local supermarket
  • having fun with the kids at entertainment venues around town
  • watching or playing junior sports, and
  • visiting loved ones in hospital.

Many places already have a range of healthier food and drink choices available. Healthier Choices Canberra will increase the number of healthier options and make it easier for customers to spot them.

When you see our Healthier Choices branding and logo, you can be sure that you are purchasing a healthier choice.

Healthier Choices Canberra is an initiative of the ACT Government.


Look out for the Healthier Choices labels

More Canberrans want healthier choices

In a recent survey, over 60% of Canberrans said they would like healthier choices to be more available when they are out and about.

Eating a variety of healthy foods is essential for good health and helps prevent disease. This is particularly important for children because what they eat now can determine their future health. If kids don’t eat healthily they are at an increased risk of developing serious health conditions as an adult.

So, whether you’re grocery shopping, eating out or enjoying time with the kids, friends and family, we’ve taken out the guesswork in making healthier choices. There’s lots of work happening across Canberra with local businesses to make healthier options stand out using the Healthier Choices Canberra branding.


The HC symbol displayed alongside dishes on menu


The Healthier Choices signage above the price tag in a supermarket​


The Healthier Choices branding presented on the healthier choice​

Look out for the logos or branding in participating supermarkets, clubs restaurants, cafes and kids play centres across Canberra. It’s that simple. 

How have businesses in Canberra become healthier?

Which foods did we put the HCC logo on and how do we know it’s healthier?

We used a bunch of factors to determine if a food or drink was healthy, including nutritional content. We worked with Nutrition Australia to make sure each option that has a Healthier Choices logo, is well-balanced.

The point of Healthier Choices Canberra is to make it easy. That’s why we haven’t listed every criteria here, but if you’d like to know more, you can contact us here: healthierchoicescanberra@act.gov.au.

Do you know a business that could benefit from this campaign?

Maybe you know of a local Canberra business - like your favourite café or club restaurant - that would benefit from a few more healthier choices on their menu. Or, do you know a business that could be recognised for the healthier options they are already offering? Let us know by getting in touch: healthierchoicescanberra@act.gov.au

Where can I find healthier choices? 

Click on the map to find participating businesses near you that have healthier choices:

Page last updated on: 5 Sep 2019