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Our smallest stars. Your biggest opportunity

Canberra’s smallest stars: Businesses biggest opportunity!

Sport is a big part of our culture and has the potential to influence hundreds of thousands of our children. In Canberra alone, over 50,000 children play organised sport outside of school. This makes junior sport an attractive target market for advertising.

The promotion of unhealthy food and drinks to children not only contributes to childhood overweight and obesity but can also set kids up for a lifetime of unhealthy behaviours. We want our kids to enjoy sports, free from the influence of junk food advertising.

Gamechangers is here to shake things up!

Our goal is to reduce children’s exposure to unhealthy food and drink marketing in the junior sport setting. By creating powerful partnerships between local, non-harmful industry businesses and junior sport clubs we can reduce reliance on unhealthy sponsorship arrangements.

Reducing children’s exposure to unhealthy marketing and supporting the local business economy is a win for everyone!

How does it work?

We are supporting local junior sport clubs to build positive sponsorship relationships with Canberra businesses that share their values for healthy, happy kids in sport.

What’s in it for you?

As a business

Is your business ready to be a Gamechanger?

By sponsoring a junior sport club you’ll access a market that has the potential to grow your business, whilst supporting our next generation of players.

Market research undertaken in 2019 revealed that the junior sports market for sponsorship was an unrealised potential in the ACT. The research found that many current sponsorships are predominantly made from impromptu and informal connections, which do not capitalise on the full marketing potential of junior sports.

As a sport

We will help you to become a sponsorship ready club. There are also plenty of resources on our website to support you. Once your club feels ready you can complete a club profile, and this will be provided to businesses that are looking to develop sponsorship relationships. These businesses have already expressed their interest and are keen to find the right fit. This will help you get over the first hurdle, of getting a business interested in taking the sponsorship journey with your club.

How to sign up


  1. Businesses can complete the business profile. This will take less than five minutes.
  2. HCC will contact you and provide a summary of sponsorship ready clubs that align with your profile.
  3. If you find a club you think would be a good fit, we will connect you. 

We can’t make any promises, not all clubs or businesses will be suitable, but we hope you find your match!

Sports clubs:

  1. Join our Healthier Choices Canberra Junior Sport program and make a pledge to build a healthier junior sport environment at your Club.  We will help you to develop a simple pledge that suits the needs of your Club.
  2. Become sponsorship ready. We have plenty of resources on our website to assist you.
  3. Once you are sponsorship ready complete your club profile.
  4. Your club profile will be provided to relevant businesses and if a business feels you might be a good fit, we will connect you.
  5. It is then over to you to foster, develop and manage your potential new sponsorship relationship.

We can’t make any promises, not all clubs or businesses will be suitable, but we hope you find your match!


If you’d like to know more, please contact us at:

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Page last updated on: 19 Oct 2023