Top tips to help your Sports Club reach its potential

Clubs come in all different shapes and sizes. Our helpful resources can assist you no matter the size or shape of your junior sport club. Below are some helpful videos and resources for your club canteen and volunteers.

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Resources, events and tips for junior sport canteens changing Canberra for the better.
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Canteens: Looking for new ideas?

Why are Healthier Choices important?

We know how important healthier choices are for junior sport.

Why are Healthier Choices Important?

Refresh your menu – for profit and health

Tips and tricks to improve your canteen menu for profit and health.

Menu planning and tricks

Pricing food and drinks

Improve your profit with a pricing toolkit.

Healthier Picks Pre-packaged Items List

Quick Wins Pricing and Profit

How to promote your healthier choices

Give your canteen the best chance of making money – find more ideas on how to promote your canteen.

Promoting your canteen

Product placement and presentation

Presentation is key! A few helpful tips for your club to present healthier options to tempt your customers.

Quick wins for better presentation

Additional Resources

Like the HCC Junior Sports program, there are many organisations working to support a healthier junior sporting environment. We’ve hand-picked some of their resources to help your club canteen.

Fresh Tastes Grab n Go Sports

Good Sports Promote Water

Half-time Snacks for Kids

Healthy BBQ ideas

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