Refill Canberra

Refilling your water bottle when you’re out and about just got easier.

Refill Canberra - Good to Go

On the go and thirsty? You can now refill your reusable water bottle with tap water for free at a participating Refill Canberra café or business near you.

Refill Canberra

Why Refill Canberra?

We know Canberra has some of the best drinking water in the world.

Refilling your water bottle when you’re out and about:

  • saves you money
  • helps the environment
  • reduces waste
  • keeps you hydrated
  • is good for your health and wellbeing.

Simply grab your water bottle and you’re good to go! Let’s make change happen for the planet and future generations!


Is your favourite business on board?

If you would like your favourite local café or business to consider joining up, ask them to fill out the put us on the map form.

Put your business on the map

If you’re a café or business owner, simply fill out the put us on the map form.

You’ll get a window sticker and fact sheet mailed to you, and we’ll add your address to our location map to help customers find you. It’s that easy!


Refill Canberra

How to encourage a business to join

Do you know of a café or business that would come on board with Refill Canberra?

Let them know:

  • it’s easy to sign up, just fill in the form on this webpage
  • locations of participating cafes and businesses will be posted onto an online map
  • Refill Canberra and participating businesses are promoted on social media
  • not only will they help keep Canberrans hydrated, they will be doing their bit for the planet.

Refill Canberra Map

Page last updated on: 5 Sep 2019