Entrepreneurs: It’s Your Move Curriculum

Entrepreneurs: It’s Your Move (IYM) students are innovators and project leaders, making a real difference in the health of their school.  The award-winning program includes a practical, interactive curriculum aimed at students in years 9 and 10. Students use the problem-solving technique called ‘design thinking’ to create and implement projects to improve their school’s health.

Australian Curriculum links

Entrepreneurs: IYM addresses key learning areas within the Australian Curriculum, including Technologies, Health and Physical Education (HPE), HASS (Business and Economics), STEM, Work Studies and general capabilities.

Delivery Options

Entrepreneurs: IYM can be delivered in the following ways:

  • full semester subject — 40 to 45 hours of lessons delivered over 20 weeks
  • integrated option — 20 hours of lessons delivered as a block within an existing unit such as STEM, HPE, sustainability or leadership programs
  • 4-day intensive — delivered over 4 consecutive days or 4 weeks

School Resources

Entrepreneurs: IYM can be taught by any teacher. We have developed a web-portal for teachers, which includes TQI-Accredited online professional learning, student and teacher toolkits with ready to teach lessons, assessment schedules and more.

Each participating school also receives up to $3,000 in project seed funding and business mentors. You also have the opportunity to attend the IYM Festival of Great Ideas to pitch your ideas against other schools to a panel of “sharks” for additional funding.

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Page last updated on: 5 Sep 2019