ACT Health reports on air quality using up-to-date, accurate data on levels of pollutants in the air. Air quality is also presented as an Air Quality Index (AQI) rating at each of the ACT’s three monitoring stations.

Air Quality Index

The Air Quality Index (AQI) is a scale of air pollution that gives Canberrans an indication of how clean the air is so we can change our outdoor activities if pollution levels are high.

The AQI is calculated from air quality data relating to the five pollutants that are monitored in the ACT. 

For each pollutant, the AQI is the data value expressed as a percentage of the level specified by the National Environment Protection Measure for Ambient Air (NEPM) standard.

There are six AQI categories ranging from ‘Very good’ to ‘Hazardous’. Each category is shown in a different colour. 

A lower value indicates better air quality, and a higher value indicates poorer air quality. 

When a pollutant AQI is poor, very poor and hazardous, this means the pollutant has exceeded its corresponding air quality standard. 

Very Good
Very Poor
0-33 34-66 67-99 100-149 150-200 200+

You can see the latest data readings on our current air quality page.

Page last updated on: 3 Sep 2019