Kicking goals for healthier choices


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Did you know … in a recent survey, over 68% of Canberrans said they would like junior sports clubs to provide and promote healthier choices to their kids.

We are starting by working with four sporting codes in Canberra to boost sales of healthier food and drinks at their clubs. We’ll also work with them to reduce the marketing of unhealthy options.

We’d love you to get involved! If you have any great ideas about healthier options, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at

What is Healthier Choices Canberra: Junior Sport?

We are working with four sporting codes (and more in the future) to help them achieve sponsorships that don’t promote unhealthy food and drinks and to provide some healthier options at the canteen.

We are also supporting volunteers, coaches and club managers to provide healthier half time snacks.  There will be plenty of information about healthier choices for families.

How can I get involved?

If you’re involved in a junior sporting club or sporting organisation or you are a parent of a sporting kid, and you’d like your club to get involved, email us at

Page last updated on: 10 Dec 2018