Food Offences Register

ACT Health publishes a summary of individuals and companies who are convicted of an offence against the Food Act 2001 on the Register of Food Offences.

Publishing offences helps consumers make informed decisions about where they eat or buy their food.

Offences on the register may include the handling or sale of unsafe food or failure to comply with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Information is not published on the register if a non-publication order has been made by the Court.

Information can be published on the register for up to 2 years.

Prosecution Details First date of offence Total penalty Removal Date
Jabal Halal Markets 21 January 2016 $3,000 20 June 2019

You may apply to the Chief Health Officer to change the register at any time by completing the Application for change to the Register

Applying to change the Register of Food Offences
More information about the register is available in the Guide to the Register of Food Offences.

Page last updated on: 7 May 2019