Radiation Forms and Publications

Notifications, Application Forms and Guidelines from the Radiation Safety Section of the Health Protection Service:

Licence Application

Please note the online application requires payment by credit or debit card (Visa or Mastercard only).

Apply Online or download the Radiation Licence Application form

For more information see the Radiation Licence Application page.

Supply Notification

This form is used to notify the Health Protection Service of the supply of a radiation source. Sales and supply of radiation sources to clients within the ACT must be provided quarterly.

Notify Online  or download the Supply of a Radiation Source Notification form.

Service Notification

This form must be submitted to the Health Protection Service within 14 days of any installation, service or repair of a regulated radiation source.

Notify Online or download the Installation, service or repair of a regulated radiation source Notification form.

Following a tube change a full service report must be submitted to HPS, indicating that the equipment has been tested and meets the relevant Australian Standards.

Provided this report has been submitted to HPS, the equipment can then go back into clinical operation.

Mutual Recognition Application

Form to apply for a new radiation licence under the mutual recognition principle. For more information see the licence application page.

Mutual Recognition Notice

You will also need to submit the standard Radiation Licence Application form above.

Page last updated on: 4 Aug 2023