Register a radiation source

The Radiation Protection Act 2006  requires all radiation sources to be registered. Anyone who deals with a radiation source must also be licensed. Categories of radiation sources that require registration include:

The Radiation Protection Act 2006  requires all radiation sources to be registered. Anyone who deals with a radiation source must also be licensed.

Categories of radiation sources that require registration include:

  • X-ray apparatus
  • sealed radiation sources
  • apparatus that includes a sealed radiation source
  • accelerated particle beam apparatus
Application process

You should lodge your application as soon as a radiation source needs to be registered and no later than 7 days after taking ownership.

Exact source details such as serial numbers can be provided at a later stage if they are not available.

Please follow the application steps below:

  1. use the online form or download the Radiation Source Registration application form
  2. complete and sign the application form
  3. submit the form with the appropriate documentation and fee to the HPS

You are issued with a receipt of your application afterwards.

A third-party compliance test is also required. We can arrange this for you.

Your registration is issued once your application is approved.

You must renew your registration periodically.

The Radiation Council may consider registration applications out of session in exceptional circumstances. This doesn’t include applications submitted at short notice or after a source has been installed.

Additional documents

You may need to submit additional documents with your application. These can include:

  • Radiation Management Plan – for new applications
  • Shielding Plan – for radiation sources installed in new or renovated premises
  • Security Management Plan – for security enhanced sources
Radiation Management Plans

Radiation Management Plans (RMPs) must be created and updated at least annually. They must also be available to all people who might deal with the radiation source.

They are the primary documents that describe how a radiation source is dealt with, by whom and the procedures that manage the source and radiation exposures to people.

Your RMP should be reviewed and submitted annually with registration re-applications.

Please consult the following documents when developing your RMP:

The RMP may apply to entire premises or organisation. It should still specifically address each registered radiation source.

You may reference your supporting safety documentation in the RMP.

Shielding plan

A shielding plan details the level of shielding that is installed to protect workers and members of the public. This can include a dental, veterinary, chiropractic, or other medical premises which use ionising radiation apparatus. The plan should include floor plans, estimated dose calculations and other details that relate to radiation protection.

You must prepare and submit a shielding plan with your registration for any source that’s installed in new or renovated premises. A copy of the existing shielding plan should be submitted for a replacement source that’s installed into an existing premise that hasn’t been renovated.

Please submit your shielding plan as early as possible before construction to ensure it meets all the requirements. Radiation shielding must be inspected by HPS or an accredited tester during the construction phase and before being covered by paint, plaster, floor coverings or other fittings.

Please contact us or consult the National Standard for Limiting Occupational Exposure to Ionising Radiation. You may also find the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) Report No. 147 or Structural Shielding Design for Medical X-Ray Imaging Facilities useful.

Security plan

The Security Plan applies to high activity sealed sources or apparatus that incorporates sealed sources only.

The Code of Practice for the Security of Radioactive Sources (2019) (RPS 11) categorises and sets security requirements for these sources. Category 1, 2 and 3 sources are considered security enhanced sources that require a greater level of security and protection. You must submit a Security Management Plan before registration for these categories of sources.

Installation notification

You must provide a notification of service (installation) before installation of a new machine. Your installer can provide you with a copy of this.

X-ray apparatus must comply with mandatory requirements about performance, quality and safety before it can be registered. We can arrange for compliance testing to occur after installation.

Applications are notified about any issues that arise during this process. Remedial action is required before the registration can progress.

Page last updated on: 7 May 2019