Tobacco Control

The ACT Government is committed to protecting the public from known and potential harms associated with smoking products, including tobacco and electronic cigarettes.

Tobacco smoking is responsible for the death of up to two-thirds of Australian smokers aged 45 years and over and is a primary risk factor for various cancers, respiratory and cardiovascular disease and other illnesses.

Smoking tobacco also harms the people around you. It contains thousands of chemicals that are toxic and cause cancer.

Please contact the Health Protection Service on 02 5124 9700 or email for more information.

The ACT Government also welcomes community feedback on the regulation of tobacco, smoking products and smoke-free issues. Please see the YourSay website for more information.

No smoking sign giveaway- for businesses, community groups and body corporates

Electronic cigarettes: Safety, restrictions and information for retailers 


What is a smoking product?

The Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 1927 defines a smoking product as a tobacco product, herbal product, personal vaporiser or personal vaporiser product.

Selling tobacco in the ACT

The Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 1927 places various restrictions on the display and sale of smoking products in the ACT. Businesses that sell smoking products must have a valid licence to sell smoking products by retail or by wholesale.

The Guide to the Sale of Smoking Products in the ACT has been prepared to assist licensees to understand their obligations under the Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 1927. 

ACT smoking restrictions

Smoking is banned under ACT law in the following areas:

  • all enclosed public places, including shopping centres, cinemas, office buildings, buses, taxis, restaurants, pubs and clubs
  • outdoor eating and drinking areas
  • underage music and dance functions
  • cars when children under the age of 16 years are present
  • within 10 metres of play equipment at ACT Government managed play spaces
  • public transport stations and within five metres of all public bus, train, light rail and taxi stops

Smoke-free policies also apply at the Canberra Stadium and Manuka Oval, all ACT Government schools, ACT Government buildings and health facilities.

Please see the Smoke-Free Public Places Act 2003 and Smoking in Cars with Children (Prohibition) Act 2011) for more information.

ACT smoking penalties

People who smoke in a smoke-free area may face a fine of $110. Fines of $440 may be issued by authorised officers if a person continues to smoke after being asked to stop.

Please see the Access Canberra website for more information.

Page last updated on: 23 Sep 2021