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2019 Allied Health Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme (AHPSS) Application Form

Before you begin

There are a number of documents required to successfully complete this form.

Required documents

  1. If your profession is regulated under National Law your AHPRA registration details from the AHPRA site including:
    • Practitioner name under which you are registered.
    • Registration Expiry Date.
    • Registration Number.


  1. If your profession is not subject to regulation under National Law please attach either:
    • a certified copy of your allied health qualification; or
    • a certified copy of your membership certificate of the relevant professional association; or
    • evidence of your listing on the publicly available register of professionals for your profession; or
    • your last credentialing round outcome letter demonstrating credentialing and scope of clinical practice approval.
  2. A copy of your current Duty Statement.
  3. A signed and dated letter confirming employment details including:
    • Evidence of permanent employment for at least 12 months as at the Scheme closing date. Letter must confirm your appointment date with Canberra Health Services, ACT Health or Calvary Public Hospital Bruce;
    • Evidence of at least 12 months continuous temporary employment with Canberra Health Services, ACT Health or Calvary Public Hospital Bruce, as at the Scheme closing date, including contract start date(s);
    • Evidence of current employment classification.
  4. A copy of documentation from the university acknowledging your enrolment.
  5. A breakdown of semester tuition / course fees for your chosen subjects in your proposed year of study.
  6. A copy of the tertiary institution’s invoice for your Semester 1 course fees, if available.
  7. TWO Referee Reports.
    AHPSS Referee Report form


Allied Health Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme (AHPSS) Secretariat

Office of Professional Leadership and Education


Telephone: (02) 5124 9545 or (02) 5124 9451


Closing date: 5:00pm Friday 14th February 2020