Canberra Health Services Values

We are Canberra Health Services

Our vision and role

Our vision and role reflect what we want our health service to stand for, to be known for and to deliver every day.

The vision and role are more than just words, they are our promise to each other, to our patients and their families and to the community.   We all have a role to play in delivering on this promise.

CHS vision

Our values

Our values, together with our vision and role, tell the world what we stand for as an organisation. They reflect who we are now, and what we want to be known for. They capture our commitment to delivering exceptional health care to our community.

CHS values

What do our values mean?

Reliable means we will always do what we say
By being a responsible and dependable team member, we create trust in our work, which leads to the best outcomes for everyone. We do what we say we’ll do, and we take pride in our work. We always do what is right, even when it is not easy. We give clear and honest answers, and we are responsive to people’s needs.

Progressive means we will embrace innovation
We work together to find better solutions, and we are inspired when we learn something new. Those improvements can involve the latest technology, better models of care, or more effective ways to do our work. Commitment to our work brings out the best in everyone. We build a workplace where creative problem solving, teaching and learning are celebrated. We are forward thinking and embrace innovation.
Respectful means we value everyone
We take the time to listen, so that we can understand different points of view. And we communicate clearly and sensitively to acknowledge each other’s needs, choices and experience. Through our thoughtful teamwork we create great partnerships that solve problems to make the most of opportunities.

Kind means we make everyone feel welcome and safe
We know that small actions can make a huge difference; a friendly smile, a hot cup of tea, a difficult truth told gently, or a moment’s peace in a busy place. Our compassion makes sure that everyone’s lives are lived with dignity. We go the extra mile to help everyone feel cared for and part of the team. We make everyone feel warm, comfortable and safe.

Page last updated on: 3 Feb 2020