What they’re saying

Here’s what some of our wonderful team has to say about living and working in Canberra!

Portrait photo of Michelle Raaschou

Michelle Raaschou, Clinical Development Nurse, Community Nurse

“I began working for Canberra Health Services Community Nursing in 2013 – so that’s now nine and a half years!

I love working with people – meeting them where they are on their journey and helping them work towards their health goals.

I have been in a nurse development and education role for the last few years and so I now also have the privilege of helping other nurses work towards their professional development goals.

Living in Canberra is the best of all worlds! There is plenty to do outside of work, not too much traffic in the mornings or evenings and all of the delicious food and restaurants that you can possibly imagine.”

Portrait photo of Bijaya Acharya

Bijaya Acharya, Clinical Nurse Consultant, mental health

“I have worked in Canberra Health Services for about five and a half years.

As a nurse, we are a pair of ears, a pillar or support for our patients. We take care of them and we empower them with the training, education, skills and other recovery activities so that they can live back in the community. I feel my task is accomplished when I see them discharged to the community and being reunited with their family and loved ones.

What’s great about living in Canberra? Well regardless of the size, Canberra is soothing as it is less crowded.

Working in Canberra gives me greater life and work balance as it’s so much quicker to get to work compared to when I lived in Sydney. It’s also great that we are very connected here within the service and ‘everybody knows everybody’. This also means that help is available when we need it.”

Portrait photo of Donna De Silva

Donna de Silva, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Division of Surgery

“I have worked at Canberra Health Services for 16 years.

What I love about being a nurse, is walking into the hospital grounds in my uniform because it’s a community. A community of support for each other. I love working with my team on the ward and seeing our patients go home after an illness or being able to care for them and family at their end of life.

What’s great about Canberra? The warm summers and cold winters. The lakes, the bush, the gallery, war memorial and easy access to the beautiful south coast.”

Portrait photo of Jennifer Kennedy

Jennifer Kennedy, Registered Nurse, Mental health

“I have been working for Canberra Health Services since November, 2020.

I have primarily focused on mental health throughout my nursing career, and I think it is an honour to be able to help others who are struggling with these challenges. As a nurse, I’m able draw on my knowledge and clinical expertise to propose the most appropriate, person-centred interventions.

I have the privilege of working with some of the most wonderful and professional colleagues who I learn from and are dedicated to helping people. I love the opportunities that nursing has given me in terms of my education and the support provided, from the service to advance in my career.

What’s great about Canberra? I've lived in Canberra my entire life, and I think it's a great city - for families to raise children, younger, middle-aged people to build their careers, it has a lot to offer socially, and older people to settle down and have access to all the required services.

It also offers a beautiful landscape and there is a lot to discover. I think Canberra has a lovely sense of community overall. It’s the ideal size for fostering that sense of community.”

Page last updated on: 1 Nov 2022