Enabling exemplary person-centred care through digital innovation

The Digital Health Strategy presents a vision and direction to guide future activities and investments in technology across the Territory. It outlines the direction for the ACT public health system in building the digital capabilities needed to support a sustainable, innovative and world-class health system for the ACT. The strategy also sets principles to guide the design and development of digital health capabilities to support the delivery of safe and high-quality person-centred care. Most of all, the strategy illustrates a desired future state for the ACT with regard to digital health.

The following three strategic themes set the foundations for the ACT Health Directorate’s Digital Health Strategy:


Assemble all information about a patient (care plan, progress, therapies, medications, etc.) relevant to the patient’s physical and mental health and overall wellbeing. These details, coupled with relevant external data, will provide a holistic patient-centred view that will be accessible in a way that will suit them.

strategic themes

Health services enabled by contemporary technology

Provide a technologically advanced health system that is secure, consistent across services and accessible—that is capable of ensuring that up to date patient information is available when required. Automated administrative tasks and investment in robust infrastructure will ensure future demands are met.

Research, Discovery and Collaboration

Enable an effective, efficient, and collaborative environment for multi-disciplinary stakeholders across the care continuum to focus on what matters most: patient care.

Page last updated on: 6 May 2019