For allied health students

This page has information for current and prospective students, looking to start a career in allied health in the ACT.

For High School Students

Studying Allied Health in the ACT

There are several local education providers who provide entry level and post graduate training for allied health professionals.

A number of allied health study options are available in the ACT region. The table below maps local courses of study related to allied health professions and for support workers and assistants.

Some allied health professions will require further in house training.


Education Provider


University of Canberra

Australian National University

Australian Catholic University

Canberra Institute of Technology

Aged Care Support


Certificate III and IV in Ageing Support

Allied Health Assistant (AHA)


Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance

Dental Assistant


Certificate III in Dental Assisting

Mental Health Worker


Certificate IV in Mental Health

Biomedical Engineer


Specialisation in Biomedical Science


Clinical Measurement Science


Bachelor of Medical Science



Counselling Courses



Nutrition and Dietetics Courses


Disability Support Worker


Certificate III and IV in Disability

Environmental Chemist

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science




Masters of Philosophy in Applied Epidemiology


Exercise Physiologist

Sport and Exercise Science Courses


Forensic Chemist/Toxicologist

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science


Genetic Counsellor


Bachelor of Genetics



Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science


Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapy Courses



Vision Science and Optometry Courses



Pharmacy Courses



Physiotherapy Courses



Psychology Courses

Psychology Courses


Public Health Officer

Public Health Courses

Master of Public Health



Medical Radiation Science Courses


Respiratory Scientist


Bachelor of Medical Science


Sleep Scientist


Bachelor of Medical Science


Social Worker

Masters of Social Work


Bachelor of Social Work



Medical Radiation Science Courses


Speech Pathologist

Speech Pathology Courses


Not all allied health professions have training options available in the ACT region. However, students training from a range of universities across Australia may visit the ACT region to undertake student placements. For more information on student placements in the ACT see the Clinical Placement Office

You can also find out more about a variety of allied health professions and NSW study options at Map My Career

Please contact training providers directly with any queries regarding courses.

Scholarships and other opportunities may be available. Contact the education provider for further information and support options.

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Academy in the ACT

Indigenous Allied Health Australia runs the National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Academy program in the ACT.

The program aims to create opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students in Years 10, 11 and 12 through their culturally safe community program. They also help students find work placement opportunities in culturally supportive workplaces and organisations.

With the right foundations, students are supported to build a lasting career in allied health.

Indigenous Allied Health Australia welcomes interest from host employers.

If you are a student, or a health or community service organisation and want to find out more, contact:

ACT Project Support Officer
Indigenous Allied Health Australia National Academy
Ground Floor 9-11 ALIA House
Napier Close, Deakin West ACT 2606
Phone: (02) 6285 1010

For Tertiary Students

Graduate programs

There are several programs available to allied health graduates and students.

The ACT Public Service Graduate Program is a 10-month non-clinical program for new graduates to help kickstart careers. For more information, see ACTPS Graduate Program.

Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care Graduate program is a full-time, 10-month introduction to Health, Ageing and the Australian Public Service. It is offered to university graduates.

The program starts in February each year and is based in Canberra. For more information, see the Department of Health Graduate Program.

The Early Career Connect: Interprofessional Allied Health Graduate program is run by Canberra Health Services.

Enrolments in 2023 have opened to all Allied Health Professionals and Allied Health Assistants in their first 3 years of practice in the public system across all of the ACT Government Directorates, including Calvary Public Hospital Bruce. Previously this program was only available to Canberra Health Services and Calvary Public Hospital Bruce staff.

For more information, contact:

Allied Health Clinical Education Unit
Phone: 02 5124 7098

Research opportunities for current students

The ACT Health Vacation Study program offers university students the opportunity to gain experience in ACT Government-based health research.

Students will develop valuable research skills through delivery of a project over a 6-week period.

See the ACT Health Vacation Study Program for more information.

Student placements

The ACT Health Clinical Placement Office coordinates all clinical and non-clinical placements for allied health students and trainees at ACT public health services. These include Canberra Health Services, Calvary Public Hospital Bruce, and ACT Health.

The Clinical Placement Office does not take placement applications directly from students. If you are currently studying, speak with your education provider about how to apply.

For more information about clinical placements in ACT public health services, visit the Clinical Placement Office (CPO).

Other placements within other the ACT Public Service can be found at:

  • Community Services Directorate
  • Justice and Community Safety
  • Education Directorate

You can speak with your education provider for further information.

For New Graduates

Where are allied health jobs in the ACT?

There are a range of allied health opportunities within the ACT health system.

Find out more about allied health in the ACT.

Allied health professionals work across the ACT region in public, private and non-government organisations. Clinical and non-clinical roles for allied health professionals are available within:

  • ACT Health
  • Calvary Public Hospital Bruce
  • Canberra Health Services (includes Canberra Hospital, University of Canberra Hospital and community health centres)
  • Community Services Directorate
  • Education Directorate
  • Justice and Community Safety
  • Private hospitals
  • Federal public service
  • Non-government organisations
  • Education providers
  • Private sector (this may include allied health practices, General Practices)

Current opportunities and vacancies

For current vacancies within public health services in the ACT, visit:

Employment opportunities are also available in the private sector. Professional associations often have lists of job opportunities in the private sector.


Students interested in local health research can attend the Canberra Health Annual Research Meeting.

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