Celebrating allied health

Allied Health Professions Australia estimates that the allied health workforce represents around one third of Australia’s healthcare workers.  Allied health professionals work with people from all walks of life, making a difference to their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Here in the ACT, we have a range of initiatives to acknowledge the important work of our allied health professionals and to give them the recognition they deserve.

Allied Health Professionals Day

Allied Health Professionals Day is celebrated internationally on the 14th of October each year.

The day aims to:

  • raise the profile of allied health professionals and their role in the health workforce
  • bring together allied health professionals to celebrate the work they do.

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Allied Health Excellence Awards

The Allied Health Excellence Awards recognise the excellence of public sector allied health professionals.

The awards are presented on Allied Health Professionals Day, across various award categories.

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Allied Health Symposium

The Allied Health Symposium is an annual event to showcase research and quality activities within ACT public health services.

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Page last updated on: 11 Oct 2022