Clinical Leadership Forum

The ACT Clinical Leadership Forum will be appointed by the Minister to provide independent and expert advice to the Minister for Health and Wellbeing and the Minister for Mental Health.

Expressions of interest now open

The ACT Government is currently seeking expressions of interest (EOIs) from experts who wish to be part of the ACT’s new Clinical Leadership Forum.

EOIs are being sought from interested health professionals who want to be a part of shaping the future of our public health services in the ACT.

Express your interest via the ACT Diversity Register.

Role of the Clinical Leadership Forum

The Clinical Leadership Forum will perform its role for the greater good of the ACT population and the sustainability of the ACT public health system—to contribute to the continuous improvement of a high performing health system that keeps people well and provides the best care. The Forum will be informed and guided by the recommendations of the ACT Health Culture Review and make recommendations to the Ministers where this relates to improving the clinical operations of the ACT’s health system.

The Forum will advise on clinical matters as they relate to a territory wide public health system and will not consider day-to-day matters of service management and operation.

The Clinical Leadership Forum will provide objective advice based on the best available evidence.

Ministers may seek advice from the Forum on any matter within their portfolio responsibility, with due regard to the Terms of Reference of the Forum.

The Forum will meet quarterly and focus on:

  • Territory wide health service delivery
  • Territory wide health service infrastructure planning
  • clinical culture, planning and practice
  • workforce planning
  • education and training
  • health and medical research

The Forum is not a lobbying body and will not focus on professional or personal interests of members or the professions they represent.

The Chair and Members of the Clinical Leadership Forum will be remunerated in accordance the ACT Remuneration Tribunal’s Determination 17 of 2018:

  • Chair: $540 per diem
  • Members: $465 per diem

Determination 15 of 2018 (Part-time Public Office Holders) also applies to the Chair and members of the Clinical Leadership Forum. Determinations of the ACT Remuneration Tribunal can be found at

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference provide that the Forum will:

  • provide responsible Ministers with advice on clinical considerations in relation to infrastructure planning, sustainability, development and improvement of the ACT public health system.
  • consider and advise Ministers on steps necessary to ensure the ACT public health system has sustainable, well trained and valued clinical workforce.
  • consider and advice responsible Ministers on developments in other health systems that may inform the ACT public health system.

The Terms of Reference will be reviewed 18 months following the establishment of the Forum.


The ACT Government is currently seeking EOIs for clinical experts who want to be part of the Forum. All members will be appointed in early 2019, for a term of two years. We expect the first meeting will take place in the second half of 2019.

The Forum will comprise:

  • a Chair—independent of ACT Government
  • up to six members comprising representatives from a range of professions, including:
    • Surgery
    • Medicine
    • Nursing and midwifery
    • Allied health
    • Primary care
    • Mental health
    • Preventive health
    • Health research
    • Clinical education
    • Consumer representation.

Secretariat support for the Forum will be provided by the ACT Health Directorate.


Leonie McGregor

Deputy Director-General, Health Systems Policy and Research


Phone: 02 5124 9656

Page last updated on: 15 Mar 2019