Clinical Placements

The Clinical Placement Office (CPO) coordinates all clinical placements for students and trainees from local and regional education institutions and health providers. The CPO is the first point of contact for education providers and students. No other ACT Health staff member is authorised to agree to a placement within ACT Health.

The CPO’s responsibilities include:

  • ensuring quality clinical supervision across all placements
  • managing placement requests
  • monitoring student compliance with placement pre-requisites
  • investigating reported breaches of the clinical placement deeds
  • consulting with key stakeholders

Placements are available within several ACT Health facilities and are run in accordance with the Deeds and Schedules of education providers.

Education providers should contact CPO to discuss or arrange their clinical placement. The Student Placement Deed between ACT Health and Education Providers stipulates that students are not to approach ACT Health directly to organise their own placements.

The CPO does not coordinate the following:

  • New graduate positions
  • Voluntary work placements
  • Other work experience programs for university students or apprentices
  • Work shadowing

Students in Year 10, 11 and 12 looking for work experience, should contact the Staff Development Unit at or call the Secondary Student Work Experience Placement Coordinator on 02 5124 3418 or 02 5124 2258.


Page last updated on: 9 Apr 2020