Education providers

At ACT Health we work with education providers to offer quality clinical placements.

This partnership is formalised by a Deed of Agreement that clearly states the arrangement between ACT Health, tertiary and vocational institutions, students and trainees. Education institutions must sign a Deed and course specific Schedule before offering a student placement.  All placements are arranged through the CPO. Education providers should plan for this well in advance, as executing a Deed or Schedule is time consuming and involves:

  • reviewing documents and the agreement which may involve legal consultation
  • signatures from senior organisation representatives
  • delivery of the original documents between parties

Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health placements

Please contact the CPO for initial placement information at or 02 5124 5887.

Medical placements

Please contact the Australian National University Medical School at 

For elective placements, please contact or visit ANU Medical School.

Placement timeframes

Education providers must submit a formal request through InPlace/InPlace Network no later than 8 weeks before a placement is due to start.

No later than 4 weeks before a placement, education providers need to upload student or trainee information to InPlace/InPlace Network, including:

  • names and contact details
  • confirmation of National Police Checks
  • confirmation of Working With Vulnerable People cards
  • confirmation of required level of immunity
  • confirmation of current manual handling training

Please Note: Education providers should thoroughly check documents before uploading to InPlace/InPlace Network. By confirming completion, education providers are legally responsible. Documents don’t need to be sent to the CPO directly, but must be available if required. Please ensure students and trainees know about and understand the requirements of ACT Health as set out in the Deed.

If a student or trainee has a positive Police or WWVP check or has issues with their immunity, please contact the CPO as soon as possible.​

Placement cancellations

The CPO charges a fee for cancellations or amendments requested after student details are uploaded to InPlace/InPlace Network up to the first day of placement.

Clinical Facilitators

Clinical facilitators are welcome at ACT Health facilities and need to comply with the same requirements as students.

Education providers will need to:

  • request facilitator access to ACT Health facilities through InPlace/InPlace Network
  • notify ACT Health if the facilitator needs extended access
  • upload facilitator details and enter their EP staff number in the student number column

Once this is done, the facilitator will receive an automated email with their InPlace/InPlace Network login details.

Facilitators with access to Canberra Health Services (CHS) and Calvary Healthcare need an ACT Health ID card.

All staff supervising or managing students should be familiar with the following policies:

Page last updated on: 5 Apr 2022