Junior Medical Officer Forum

The ACT Junior medical officer forum represents for all prevocational doctors in Canberra. We provide opportunities for JMOs across the state to meet, identify and take action on issues related to prevocational supervision, education, training, professional development, vocational planning, recruitment, accreditation, human resources, and welfare. ­

We represent for our doctors on the Canberra Region Medical Education Council (CRMEC) as well as at the national level on the Australian Junior Medical Officer Committee (AJMOC). ­

We are an independent group run by JMOs in the interest of JMOs. We provide a safe environment for all JMOs to discuss their concerns as well as any issues they’ve experienced without being identified. We can escalate issues to the regional and national level to make your voice is heard.

We work in close partnership with: ­

  • Medical Officer Support, Credentialing, Employment and Training Unit (MOSCETU) ­
  • ACT Junior Medical Society (ACT JMOA) ­
  • ACT Prevocational Education and Training Committee (ACT PETC) ­
  • General Clinical Training Committee (GCTC) ­
  • ACT branch of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) ­
  • Confederation of Post Graduate medical education council (CPMEC) ­
  • If you would like to take part and work with JMOF, please contact us on JMOF@act.gov.au

Co-Chairs – Catelyn Cashion and Dennise Castañeda

JMO Overview of Committee


  • 1 chairperson (PGY2+) who was elected by the ACT JMO forum Chairs from the previous year in conjunction with CRMEC


The JMOF committee is made up of the following subcommittees each being represented by three PGY1/PGY2+ members:

  • Welfare
  • Education & Training
  • Research
  • Professional Development
  • Workforce
  • Cultural Review
JMO Portfolio

Education and Training

  • update and run the mini-case series for the current year 3 medical students.
  • survey to interns to see if the teaching sessions helped them with their teaching skills for students on the ward
  • present at the medical education conference in NZ later the year.
  • virtual on call cases (running for about 2 months)
  • extend GP style teaching to the direction of the year and into 4th year.

Members: Nathan Sturges, Saymaa Selman & Ashly Vu


  • Update ROVERS documents
  • Advocate for increased transparency on payslips
  • Create better communication guides for consultation calls for JMOs

Members: James Li, Billy Xian, Darvina Mahesh


  • Continue the 'Warm and Fuzzy Box'
  • Create and disseminate a welfare guide
  • Looking into mental health first aid as an optional training session for JMOs
  • More wellbeing centred fun- morning yoga, puppies, meditation, picnics etc.
  • To encourage social connection between JMOs by organising events outside of work, via the promotion of existing Canberra events (e.g. dance nights, paint & sip)

Members: Kaneeka Gajendra, Molly Bannatyne, Busra Aplay

Cultural Review

  • To promote the JMOF as a forum for junior doctors to be advocated for (ie.: posters, facebook group, intern teaching presentations)
  • Meet with the hospital’s cultural review team, and will keep the cohort updated on details of this meeting.
  • Get hold of cultural review data
  • Create an accessible way for JMOs to submit any cultural issues they’d like us to discuss/look into.
  • Have clear information for JMOs about who to contact if they are experiencing any bullying, sexual harassment etc.

Members: Katie McMahon, Michelle Lin

Professional Development

  • Create interest groups for each stream of medical specialties
  • Continue specialty guide compilation
  • Create a resources of training courses available to JMOs
  • Launch an interview workshop for JMOs prior to interview season
  • Creative Careers night

Members: Julia De Mil (all others), Arjun Guduguntla (surgery), Nicola Kahlberg (medicine)


  • Supervisor and current research projects data base
  • Make CHARM week more accessible to JMOs for presentations of abstracts
  • Provide support around conducting Audits for JMOs, as a means of getting their foot in the door with research.
  • Relaunch Academic Foundation Program

Members: Lauren Turner, Thomas Harvey, Ye Li

Contact Us

General Enquiries: ACTJMOF@gmail.com

Chair: anna.tungusova@act.gov.au

For all other portfolios: please use the committee members personal e-mails.

Page last updated on: 1 Apr 2020