The Canberra Hospital provides car parking facilities for visitors, carers, patients and staff. These carparks range from all day, non-time regulated parking to pick-up and set-down areas at the main entrances.

The Canberra Hospital provides car parking facilities for visitors, carers, patients and staff. These car parks range from all day, non-time regulated parking to pick-up and set-down areas at the main entrances.

The main car parks on campus include the Southern Multi-story car park and the Yamba Drive carpark.

Alternate short stay public parking up to 1 hour is available in various smaller car parks on the campus.

Please contact Canberra Health Services Parking Operations through the Canberra Hospital switchboard on 02 5124 0000 or email for more information about Canberra Hospital parking.

Car parking information flyer.

Southern multi-story carpark

The Southern multi-story carpark is the primary parking area for visitors, carers, patients and staff. It is well lit and within easy walking distance of the hospital.

Levels 1-4 are available for public parking. They provide 1, 2, 4 and 6-hour time restricted parking, disability spaces and a small number of all day parking.

Accessing the carpark

You can access the Southern Multi-story carpark via a number of options below.

  • turn right or left off Yamba Drive onto Kitchener St in Garran. Turn right onto Gilmore Cr and then right onto Hospital Rd. Go through the roundabout opposite the main entrance and then the following 2 rights. The Southern multi-story carpark entrance is to your right
  • turn right or left off Yamba Dr at the sign for the Emergency Department. Turn right and the entrance to the Southern multi-story carpark is off to your left.
  • turn left onto Palmer St from Hindmarsh Dr. Turn left onto Bateson Rd and go through the roundabout. Take the right at the end of the street and the entrance to the Southern multi-story carpark is to your left.
Yamba Drive carpark

The Yamba Drive carpark provides 4-hour restricted parking, as well as all day parking for the public and staff.

You can only access this carpark via the left-hand lane on Yamba Drive heading north towards the City.

Disability parking

Disability parking is available throughout the campus. You can access it on levels 1-4 of the Southern multi-story carpark, behind the National Capital Private Hospital, underneath Building 12 and at the entrances to the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children and Accident and Emergency.

Mobility parking

There are over 180 mobility parking spaces on campus. Please download the map below to see all available mobility parking.

Canberra Hospital Campus Map

Canberra Hospital Campus Map
Motorcycle parking

Motorcycle parking is available on levels 1-2 of the Southern multi-story carpark and underneath Building 12.

Bicycle parking

Public bicycle parking is available between Buildings 1 and 10, Building 4 and 5 and Buildings 5 and 6. It’s also available on the Emergency Department side of Building 2.

Pick-up and set-down areas

Pick-up and set-down areas are located at all main entrances of main hospital buildings. These areas are not available for parking—they provide an option to drop patients off before seeking longer term parking.

We encourage you to not park in these areas for extended periods of time as parking fines may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the hospital campus have long stay parking for people who need to stay overnight?

There is unrestricted parking available on Level 4 of the Southern multi-story carpark, as well as the Yamba Drive South carpark.

Why are there so many disability spaces in the Southern multi-story carpark?

The large amount of disability spaces cater for the future loss of these spaces during the redevelopment of the campus. The multi-story carpark is designed as the hospital’s main carpark.

Can I overstay my parking time?

Parking exemptions are only given to patients and their carers who are unable to move their vehicle due to medical reasons. Please speak to your clinical or administration staff who can organise an exemption on your behalf.

How do I enter the Yamba South carpark?

The entrance to the Yamba South carpark is off Yamba Drive when heading north to the City. You can’t access the carpark when travelling in the other direction.

What can I do if I receive a Parking Infringement Notice?

If you receive a Parking Infringement Notice (PIN) and wish to dispute it, you must write a letter or email to Access Canberra and explain why you believe you are not liable for the PIN. Contact details are on the back of the PIN.

Does the compliance remain the same on weekends?

Most time limited spaces that are 1 hour and above are unrestricted on weekends. All parking areas that have a permit sign or are time limited are still patrolled on weekends. This includes ‘No Parking’ zones.

What should I do when I drop someone off?

Pick-up and set-down zones are located at main entry points of the hospital. We encourage you not to park in these areas for long periods of time as they are time limited and fines may apply.

What alternate transport can I utilise to get the Canberra Hospital?

A taxi rank is located outside the main entrance of the hospital and various buses service the campus from Woden Bus Station. If you wish to ride, bicycle racks are available to lock your bike.

Community Services also provide transport assistance for eligible people.

Page last updated on: 7 May 2019