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Your Space is Canberra Region Cancer Centre’s wellbeing education and support centre for our patients, families and carers.

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Living with cancer and its associated side effects can impact on your wellbeing as well as the lives of your families and carers. Your Space is the home of online resources and available supportive care and community services to help you improve your wellbeing and find support. The programs are available to everyone from the age of 15 years who is having cancer treatment in the ACT and surrounding region. This includes your family and carers.

Workshop Schedule

Your Space offers a range of free workshops and information sessions (in person as well as virtual).

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Your Space - Workshops and Information Sessions Explained

Delta Dogs

A trained therapy dog and volunteer visit our patients in the cancer wards every Tuesday between 10 and 11am to provide company and comfort during their time in hospital.

Music and Relaxation

Our Therapeutic Harpist plays each week in the Atrium on level 2 of the Centre, with a program of music for relaxation.  Patients and carers are invited to join her each Wednesday at 11am.

Look Good Feel Better Workshop

A free national community service program that will teach you how to manage the appearance-related side-effects caused by treatment for any cancer. The program is designed to leave you feel more positive and in control, helping you to face your cancer with confidence. It is run by the Cancer Patients Foundation once a month at Canberra Region Cancer Centre.

Rotating Supportive Care Team Sessions

The sessions help you with your treatment at the cancer centre. We will give you practical information on how to manage being at home and take care of yourself while you are being treated for cancer.

Session summaries:

  • Introduction to the Cancer Supportive Care Team
    (Presenter: Cancer Specialist Nurse, Social Worker)

    Meet one of the Cancer Specialist Nurses and Social Workers who will talk to you about the various ways you can be supported during your cancer experience and can help you and your family to adjust to the changes that cancer brings. The session will be conducted over one hour with plenty of time for questions and to chat with the presenters over a cup of tea or coffee.

    Upcoming Dates: 27 July 2021, 3-4pm

    Venue: online event, details sent after registration

    Booking required, go to

  • Nutrition in Cancer Treatment
    (Presenter: Sarah Cooper, Dietitian)

    Good nutrition is important to help achieve the best result from your treatment. A healthy diet may help you to feel better and have more energy, help heal and fight infections and help cope with the side effects of your treatment. The session will cover:

    - practical tips to eat well during treatment
    - how to manage some of the common eating problems caused by cancer or its treatment
    - bust common food myths

    Upcoming Date: 29 July 2021, 1.30-2.30pm

    Venue: online event, details sent after registration

    Booking required, go to

About Us

The Your Space Cancer Wellbeing Centre Team has many team members:

  • Cancer Supportive Care Team consisting of Social Workers, Psychologists and Cancer Specialist Nurses
  • Therapeutic Harpist
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Dieticians
  • Canberra Region Cancer Centre Volunteers as well as Administration Team Members

Your Space also works with a range of community organisations and services, such as

Your Space is guided by the following principles:

Person-centred by helping you to be informed and involved in decisions around your health and wellbeing, access wellbeing services and supports that are right for you and take action to support your wellbeing in your everyday life

Integrated and coordinated care by ensuring our wellbeing services and supports are integrated with your other cancer treatments and available to you when you need them

Promoting wellbeing and self-management by providing information that is easy to understand and help you manage your symptoms and wellbeing as much as possible

Evidence-based by ensuring all wellbeing programs  are based on facts and proven to be beneficial

Impactful Cancer Wellbeing Centre design and architecture so you and your family and carers can relax and meet at the Your Space centre away from the clinical atmosphere

Partnering with community service providers to help you know what wellbeing services and community support is available, also when you finish your treatment with us

Wellbeing Centre on Level 3

In line with other Cancer Centres, Canberra Region Cancer Centre (CRCC) has committed to establish a Cancer Wellbeing Centre integrated with our existing cancer services. The centre will be located on level 3 of the CRCC.

It provides a focus on patient wellbeing and self-management and supports a truly holistic, patient-centred approach to cancer care. The Cancer Wellbeing Centre will have a big social area with kitchen and comfortable seating, where our patients, family and carers can meet and connect with a range of support and community groups who can help make living with cancer that much easier. In addition to our current program and services, the centre on level 3 will house a range of wellbeing programs such as exercise physiology, group exercise and relaxation classes, art and music therapy, mindfulness, nutrition and cooking. Level 3 will also house the new Oncology Pharmacy and a Cancer Research Centre.

We expect to open Your Space at the beginning of 2022.

If you are interested to support the Wellbeing Centre, please visit Canberra Hospital Foundation on how to donate for the Wellbeing Centre.

Contact Us

Please contact us at or 02 5124 8444.

Page last updated on: 1 Jul 2021