Maternity Services at CHWC

Congratulations you’re pregnant!  It’s now time to think about the type of maternity care you would like during your pregnancy.  If you have no risk factors associated with this or previous pregnancies, you have several options available to you including GP shared care, midwifery led care, care at a community health centre, or care from your home.

Services at CHWC include:

We have a variety of birthing options for all families and support whatever birthing choices you make. We include you in all decisions made during your stay and always discuss any medical interventions you may need.

The birthing areas (our birth suite and our birth centre) are both located on Level 3 and offer a safe, private and comfortable environment. We welcome your choice of support person as they play an important role in your birthing outcomes.

Leaving hospital

We recommend you go home between 6 and 24 hours after giving birth when you have a normal birth and your baby is well. There are many reasons for an early transfer home, including:

  • partners and family can be more involved in bonding with and caring for the baby
  • earlier establishment of routine
  • better sleep with less interruption for mother and baby

We will always ensure you are ready to go home at the right time.

Support at home

We provide follow up care in the first few days after you give birth through our Midcall service. Midcall midwives offer individualised postnatal care, feeding and parenting support in your home. Our service is available 7 days a week from 8:30am to 5pm for women who live in the ACT and Queanbeyan. You may receive between 1 and 3 home visits from our service depending on your needs.

We also recommend planning your support at home before your baby is due. This may include:

  • booking leave for your partner or support person
  • having an approved baby car seat fitted in your family car
  • joining a support group or developing your own
  • cooking meals and storing them in the freezer for when you come home from hospital
Page last updated on: 23 Sep 2019