Choosing your model of pregnancy care

Regardless of which model of care you choose during your pregnancy, if you plan to give birth at CHWC we will organise an appointment to see you at approximately 14 weeks. 

You will need a GP referral, so we encourage you to see your GP to have your pregnancy confirmed and arrange early tests.  We will contact you with an appointment once we receive your referral and have an available appointment.  Please make sure you discuss your preferences with your GP and they document this on your referral.

To make an appointment please call 02 5124 7625.

GP Shared Care

If you choose this option, your GP will remain your main point of contact during your pregnancy.

 Antenatal visits are shared between your GP and the hospital’s Antenatal Clinic based on an agreed schedule of visits which your GP will discuss with you.

If you choose shared care, please call the Antenatal Clinic on  02 5124 7625 to make a pre-admission appointment.

All women who plan to give birth at the CHWC are invited to attend a Healthy Pregnancy and Early Information Session before 12 weeks of pregnancy. Please call 02 5124 7625 to make a booking.

Your GP can refer you to a hospital obstetrician for specialist advice if any complications arise during your pregnancy.

Midwifery Led Care (Continuity of Midwifery Programs)

We offer a continuity of midwifery program which is available to women who are planning a low intervention and natural approach to pregnancy and birth.

Your midwife will provide you with midwifery care, education and support from early pregnancy, through birth and into the early postnatal period.  Our midwives will support you and help you to feel confident and well prepared for labour, birth and parenting. 

Our program operates out of the birth centres at Calvary Hospital Bruce and the CHWC.

We also offer a midwifery care model for women who may have complications in their pregnancy or have had complications in previous pregnancies.  This program provides women with the option of a primary midwifery carer whilst attending some appointments with medical specialists during pregnancy.  A member of our team will be available to care for you during labour but you will probably need to give birth in the birth suite rather than the birth centre.

Antenatal Clinic Care

Women receiving their antenatal care through the hospital clinics will see a midwife for most of their appointments.  There may be a need to see an obstetrician at specific stages of the pregnancy but you will generally access midwifery led care either at the hospital clinic or a community based clinic setting.

Specialist Antenatal Services

If you have identified risk factors in this pregnancy or have had complications in a previous pregnancy you may be referred for specialist care during your pregnancy.  The CHWC is the regional centre for complex maternity care and offers a full range of obstetric and neonatal services to the ACT and regional NSW communities.

Your GP will refer you to the appropriate service during your pregnancy which may include attending appointments at the antenatal clinic or the Fetal-maternal Medicine Unit (FMU).

An early visit to your GP will ensure you get the appropriate blood tests and scans.  Your GP referral should include all relevant personal and medical details (including those related to this and/or previous pregnancies.  This helps us to plan your care options. 

We encourage all women and their partners/support persons to attend a pregnancy options information session to learn about the models available to you before your first antenatal visit.  This visit usually takes place around the 14th week of pregnancy.

For more information, please contact the hospital switchboard on 02 5124 0000.

Step Ahead program

The Step Ahead program provides support and pregnancy care by a midwife to women under the age of 21. This program includes outreach services at 'The Junction' and Canberra College, as well as education opportunities and social work support.

Page last updated on: 21 Nov 2018