We understand that coming to hospital can be a worrying time for many people. Please use the information below to help prepare for your time in hospital.

What to bring

You may wish to bring items from home to make your stay more enjoyable. Please see our checklist below to ensure you don’t forget anything.

  • clothing – loose fitting and comfortable day clothes and sleepwear for the night
  • footwear – running or sports shoes
  • toiletries
  • reading material or something to do outside of therapy time
  • glasses, hearing aids and dentures
  • swimming outfits
What not to bring

Personal valuables should not be brought to hospital. We suggest you arrange for a friend or relative to look after these for you while you are in hospital.

Smoking is not allowed in or around the hospital.

We also discourage the use of personal electrical equipment in the hospital, including televisions and radios. We accept no responsibility for damage or loss of personal electronic equipment.

Alcohol and illicit drugs

Alcohol and illicit drugs are strictly prohibited at UCH. This includes the possession or smoking of marijuana.

Any patients found drinking alcohol or taking illicit drugs may be discharged from the hospital. Any visitors found drinking alcohol or taking illicit drugs are asked to leave the premises by hospital security.

If you have issues with substance abuse and would like assistance to stop, please speak to staff to arrange access to support services.

Weekend and day leave

We encourage patients who are medically stable and able to move safely to take a break from the hospital setting. This gives you change from the hospital environment and allows you to see how you can function outside of the hospital.

Please inform ward staff before leaving the ward at any time. You must not leave the hospital without permission from your rehabilitation team.

Page last updated on: 27 Sep 2018