Population Health

Population Health Protection & Prevention manages public health issues within the ACT.

The Division is led by the Chief Health Officer, Dr Paul Kelly who holds responsibilities and delegations under various public health legislation.

About Population Health

The Population Health Division's functions are grouped into two sections, Health Improvement and Health Protection.The Health Improvement Branch is responsible for improving the health and well being of the ACT population through promoting healthy behaviours and lifestyles and providing ongoing monitoring and evaluation of health programs and policy.

The Branch includes the ACT Cancer Registry, ACT Cervical Screening Program, Epidemiology, Health Promotion, the Health Promotion Grants Program, and Population Health Research and Evaluation.

The Health Protection Service performs a range of services associated with the prevention of, and timely response to, potential public health incidents.

This includes Communicable Disease and Infection Control, Pharmaceutical Services, Food Safety, Radiation Safety, Environmental Health and ACT Government Analytical Laboratory.

About Health Protection Services

Health Protection Services is responsible for protecting the health of the ACT community. We prevent public health incidents and respond to them when they occur, monitor and enforce public health regulations and provide public health advice.

We are also responsible for the following areas of ACT Health:

•    environmental health
•    food safety
•    communicable disease control
•    radiation safety
•    pharmaceutical services
•    ACT Government Analytical Library (ACTGAL)


For after hours emergencies, please call 02 6205 1700.

Please contact us on:

Phone: 02 6205 1700

Fax: 02 6205 1705

Email: hps@act.gov.au



Howard Florey Centenary House
25 Mulley Street
Holder ACT 2611
Postal Address:
Locked Bag 5005
Weston Creek ACT 2611



What we do

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