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Our Grab ‘n Go Shopping List and My Healthy Waste-free Lunchbox flyer help make packing healthy lunchboxes easier!

Plus we have Translated Lunchbox Resources now available in a variety of languages.

Lunchboxes: Freshen up school lunches

Your little experts like to pack their own lunchboxes!

Healthy food and drink choices in lunchboxes can fuel kids with the right energy so they can concentrate, learn and play at school. Kids at schools involved in Fresh Tastes might be learning about packing a healthy waste-free lunchbox, which is also great for the environment.

Schools focusing on the ‘Food From Home’ action area of Fresh Tastes might be making it easier for students to bring healthier ‘nude’ food lunches and having fun competitions to reduce the amount of waste in lunchboxes.

Food from Home has a focus on preschool and kindergarten as this is when lunchbox habits first form, however, the support and resources below are suitable for older primary school kids who like to pack their own lunchboxes too.

Schools involved in Fresh Tastes can access lunchbox support, resources, and professional learning to educate students and families about healthy waste-free lunches.

Translated Resources

Translated resources are available here:

Getting involved

So, how can you get involved to promote a healthy lunchbox culture at your school?


  • Find out who your school’s Fresh Tastes Coordinator is and join your school’s Fresh Tastes action group.
  • Access newsletter articles from Fresh Tastes and send them to the person in the school who publishes your school newsletter.
    See links above
  • Use the Fresh Tastes healthy lunchbox flyers, grab n go shopping list, posters and PowerPoint slides at your next school family orientation or information session. See links above.
  • Organise a healthy lunchbox workshop for parents from one of our Fresh Tastes partners. Contact us to get the info.
  • Use the Food&ME resources to educate your students about healthier school lunches.
  • Support your school’s student leadership team to run a Nude Food Day competition.


  • Get together with other parents and compile a cookbook with simple, healthy recipes and ideas for children’s lunchboxes.
  • Keep an eye out for any parent workshops the school is running and go along to learn some new ideas.
  • Help your child participate in any waste-free lunch days at school by packing as little waste as possible into their lunchbox. Check out the links above – there’s heaps of ideas!
  • Try swapping one packet food in the lunchbox for a fresh, healthy option each week. Always include a vegetable in the lunchbox. See links above for ideas.
Page last updated on: 30 Oct 2023