Visitor Restrictions

Visitor restrictions currently in place

Visitor restrictions are currently in place at all hospitals, community health centres and walk-in centres in the ACT.

The decision to restrict visitors to our health facilities is always a difficult one, but it ensures we can protect the health and safety of everyone. This is especially necessary for our most vulnerable, particularly patients whose health is already compromised.

The visitor policy includes:

  • As at 5pm 12 August 2021, no visitors are permitted to enter Canberra Health Services facilities unless in exceptional circumstances such as end of life, birthing or for paediatric care.
  • Visitors are strongly encouraged to keep in touch with patients at CHS facilities via phone and/or video calls.

All COVID-19 safe principles and behaviours continue to apply to all visitors.

We understand this is difficult news, but it is necessary to keep everyone as safe as possible.

We have zero tolerance for violence or aggression towards our staff or others.

Anyone exhibiting this behaviour may be refused entry.

We are constantly reviewing these difficult restrictions and will make changes as soon as it is safe to do so.

Digital screening tool

Before entering any of our health facilities and community health centres, you must complete the screening tool (or you will be refused entry). The information may be used for contact tracing purposes if needed.

To access the screening tool, simply choose one of the following:

  • download the ACT Health App and select ‘ACT health facilitates screening tool’
  • scan the QR code on the health screening posters as you enter our health facility
  • fill in your details online at, or
  • fill in a form at the screening desk on site.

Show your completed form (or the ‘green tick’ on your mobile/device) to staff at the screening desk as you enter any of our health facilities.

Surgical masks are available at screening points upon entering our facilities and must be worn indoors.

Will I be provided with a surgical face mask when I visit an ACT health facility?

Yes. Surgical face masks will be handed out at screening points upon entering our facilities and must be worn indoors. To see the latest information on mandatory face masks at health facilities, click here.

Why are we screening at entrances?

To keep people safe from COVID-19. This process also allows for a coordinated and uniform approach across the Territory and is in line with the tightening of visitor restrictions as of Monday 13 July 2020.

Why aren’t we including temperature checks as part of the screening?

Unlike Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), the presence of a fever is not an early symptom in COVID-19.

Will screening create delays and ‘bottle necks’ at entrance points?

If you fill out the digital form and have a green tick, you will need to show it to the staff at the screening desk and you will be allowed straight in. For those filling out a paper form,
appropriate physical distancing must be maintained. Staff at entrance screening will have hand sanitiser and wipes for cleaning surfaces and equipment.

I have been denied entry into a health facility following screening. What happens now?

If you have been denied entry into a health facility (red cross appears on the digital screening tool)  then you have indicated that you may have COVID-19 symptoms and/or you have (in the last 14 days) been to a high-risk COVID area (visit the COVID-19 website for the current list).

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how mild, you should get tested and isolate at home until you get your result.

If you work at a health care facility (as a staff member, a contractor or volunteer) and you are feeling unwell please stay home rather than come to work. This is to protect our patients and your colleagues.

For more information on COVID-19, testing and symptoms, visit the ACT COVID-19 website.

I want to visit a loved one in hospital, but I have recently been in to a COVID-19 affected area. Can I apply to visit them on compassionate grounds?

Yes, you can. If you have been in an area subject to a public health direction in the last 14 days and are returning to Canberra, please follow the travel advice on the COVID-19 website.

If you want to visit someone in hospital and have recently been to a COVID-19 hotspot, you will need to email to apply for an exemption.

I have an appointment at the hospital – can I proceed to the clinic if I have symptoms?

If you have not called ahead to the clinic before coming to the hospital, the screening staff will notify the clinic/appointment that you are attending that you are waiting at the front entrance and have presented with symptoms. Clinical staff from this area will need to come to the hospital entrance to determine if you can enter the facility.

How do I know the information is safely stored and remains confidential?

Your privacy is important to us. The screening tool and associated data will only be used for contract tracing, and de-identified data may be used for reporting purposes only.

All data collected by the screening tool will be stored as per ACT Health privacy laws.

Page last updated on: 21 Sep 2021