Air quality deterioration overnight will continue to impact the ACT today

The smoke haze which rolled into Canberra last night continues to impact on the air quality levels across the ACT this morning. Due to weather conditions this will take some time to clear today.

The ACT Health Directorate’s air quality monitoring stations are currently registering at hazardous levels across the city.

Canberrans are reminded that during periods of poor air quality, all Canberrans should avoid prolonged or heavy physical activity outside when there is smoke around.

People who are sensitive to smoke, especially those with pre-existing heart and lung conditions, should take measures to reduce their exposure. This includes staying indoors (with windows and doors closed) where possible, and taking medication as prescribed by their doctor.

People with asthma should follow their asthma action plan. Anyone with concerns about their health should seek medical advice from their doctor. And anyone experiencing wheezing, chest tightness or difficulty breathing should seek urgent medical attention and in the event of a medical emergency call triple-zero (000).

To monitor the levels of smoke in the air (PM2.5), and for the most up-to-date health advice relating to smoky conditions, see the Health advice for smoky air page on the ACT Health website.

ACT Health will continue to monitor the air quality in the ACT and will advise the public of additional public health advice when needed and as information becomes available.

For further information on minimising the health impacts of outdoor smoke, refer to our factsheet

For further information on weather conditions, visit:

Page last updated on: 21 Jan 2020