Air quality update (11am, Thu 12 Dec)

Smoky conditions across the ACT have eased this morning.

With current levels, most people will not experience any health impact. However, intermittent patchy smoke haze is expected to linger until Sunday, so people who are more sensitive to the effects of smoke, particularly those with asthma and other heart or lung conditions, should continue to take care. This includes taking medication as prescribed by their doctor and avoiding vigorous exercise outdoors during smoky conditions. 

In the coming days, the ACT Health Directorate will continue to monitor the air quality in the ACT and will issue further health advice if needed.

To monitor the levels of smoke in the air (PM2.5), and for the most up-to-date health advice relating to smoky conditions, see our Health advice for smoky air page.

For further information on minimising the health impacts of outdoor smoke, refer to our factsheet

At this time, patches of smoke haze are forecast to continue until Sunday. For further information on weather conditions, visit

Page last updated on: 16 Dec 2019