A/Professor Katrina Anderson

BMed(Newc), FRACGP, MTh

Katrina Anderson mugshot

Director of GP Education, Academic Unit of General Practice

Associate Professor ANU Medical School

Chair, Canberra Region Medical Education Council

RACGP General Practitioner of the Year 2018 – NSW ACT

Dr Katrina Anderson is Associate Professor, Academic Unit of General Practice, ANU Medical School (ANUMS) and Chair of the Canberra Region Medical Education Council. Katrina currently works clinically in refugee and asylum seeker health and has a variety of roles within the ANUMS and ACT Health in training medical students and junior doctors.

Her main research and education interests are in medical education specifically around the vertical integration of medical training, supervisor support and prevocational training of doctors. She has a special interest in mental health, counselling and self-care and is passionate about patient centred medicine and improving health outcomes for vulnerable and disadvantaged patients.

Katrina completed her undergraduate medical degree at the University of Newcastle, NSW in 1990. She became a Fellow of the RACGP in 1995 and has been a medical educator and academic since 1994 initially with the RACGP then with the Australian National University Medical School. She was the Director of GP Training for the SENSW and ACT region for 8 years and also Director of the Prevocational GP Placement Program for 6 years.

Katrina is currently the Chair of the Integrated Child and Community Health semester in the third year medical school program at ANUMS. She is Director of the Healer's Art Course delivered to first year medical students. She also led the development of the Canberra Region Medical Education Council which oversees the quality and safety of junior doctor training and the professional development of doctors in training in the ACT and SENSW region. 

Katrina received an Australian Award for University Teaching - Award for Teaching Excellence in 2017.


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