Submission information for Health Directorate and Canberra Health Services staff

ACT Health Directorate and Canberra Health Services staff must follow the following branding guidelines when designing posters for CHARM:

  • The header must include either the ACT Health Directorate or Canberra Health Services logo. Both black and reversed (white) versions of the logos are available. Note: Old logos must not be used.
  • Where more than one Directorate (ie both ACTHD and CHS) are being represented the ACT Government logo must be used.
  •  The footer must include the standard footer text: © Australian Capital Territory, Canberra | | Enquiries: Canberra 13ACT1 or 132281
  • Use of other logos e.g. UC or ANU are to be displayed at the same scale as the ACT Health logo
  • Copyright must be taken into account when using images from the internet
  • Posters must be sent to for a quick branding check by no later than Wednesday 10 July. This will also be used as an opportunity to check for any media implications, spelling and grammar. There will be a 24-48 hour turnaround for this.
Page last updated on: 12 Apr 2021