Clinical Trial Coordinator Network (CTCN)

The CTCN was established to provide a considered, co-ordinated response to managing clinical trial activity across Canberra Health Services. The CTCN provides support for Clinical Trial Coordinators across many disciplines within Canberra Health Services, this support includes:

  • a ‘hub and spoke’ model for the management of clinical trials
  • establishment of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the management of clinical trials and related activities
  • a platform to support and encourage collaborative inter-disciplinary relationships between Clinical Trial Coordinators

The Chair of the CTCN represents the views of its members at the Clinical Trials Management Group (CTMG).

Please see the Clinical Trials section for further information on the CTMG.

The central administrative Hub provides secretariat support to the CTCN and can be contacted on 02 5124 4289.

Page last updated on: 2 May 2023