Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm provides a place of healing, where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples can feel safe and supported to make ongoing and meaningful changes in their lives. Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm uses a therapeutic community approach, traditional healing concepts, cultural programs and life skills training to tackle underlying social and emotional issues.

Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm works with a range of services (health, social, community, educational, government, non-government) to ensure you can access assistance based on individual needs.

The program run at Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm aims to:

  • Provide a safe environment to help you work towards a healthier lifestyle
  • help you think about the meaning and impact alcohol and/or other drugs have on your life
  • Support the achievement of physical, mental emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing, and
  • Help you develop skills to live a fulfilling life.

Who can attend Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm?

Anyone who is aged 18 to 50 years, who identifies as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person and does not have a history of violent and/or sexual offending can attend Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm.

To attend, you need to:

  • Be 4-6 weeks free from alcohol and other drugs;
  • Be free from medically-assisted opioid dependence treatment (e.g. not receiving Methadone / Buprenorphine / Buvidal);
  • Able to attend the program Monday to Thursday for up to 10 weeks; and
  • Remain free from all drugs and alcohol while attending the Day Program.

A willingness to learn and work on all aspects of your life—socially, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically—in conjunction with support workers, referring agencies and other agencies support workers will help you get the most out of the program.

By attending Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm, you can expect:

  • Techniques on empowerment and building resilience
  • Social and emotional wellbeing support
  • Training and specific courses to assist with employment opportunities.

How can I access Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm?

There is a referral process for attending Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm. Please speak to your doctor, counsellor, or other professional support worker about a referral. Your referring agency will send the completed referral to Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm.

Download the referral form

As part of this process you will meet with a Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm Community Liaison Worker and be asked questions about you and your needs. This is to better understand where you are coming from and what you want out of the program. There are no right or wrong answers.

The information that you provide and your general readiness to participate in programs, activities and services will be considered. After a decision has been made, your referring agency will let you know the outcome.

Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm: Update

The Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm (NBHF) Advisory Board met on Friday 10 July 2020 and endorsed an enhanced program model for roll-out in 2020-21. You can read more about the program, NBHF services and other improvements in the Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm Communique

For more information email or call 02 6237 6700.

Page last updated on: 8 Nov 2021