Counselling and treatment service

The Counselling & Treatment Service (CTS) provides counselling and care coordination including a range of therapeutic and educational groups. These services are available to individuals and families/carers.

Eligibility is determined through a preliminary phone assessment followed by an assessment appointment. If your needs are better addressed by another organisation/agency or service you will be provided with the relevant referral details.

Some of the Programs which are run by the Alcohol & Drug Services, Counselling & Treatment Service include:

  • Youth Alcohol & Drug Services (YDAP)
  • Limited Health Promotion & Education
  • Therapeutic & Education Groups

Service access

For appointments/information please call the 24 Hour Helpline on (02) 5124 9977 or (02) 5124 1580.



Opening hours

Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 5pm (excludes public holidays).


ACT Health Building,
1 Moore Street,
Canberra City.

Youth Drug and Alcohol Program (YDAP)

The Youth Drug and Alcohol Program (YDAP) is a tertiary service for young people with complex alcohol and other drug (AOD) issues. This includes substance depence, intravenous (IV) drug use, poly drug use or the co-occurence of substance use with one or more of the following:

  • Mental Health Issues
  • Care and Protection involvement and/or history of childhood abuse/neglect
  • Youth Justice Involvement
  • Family of Origin disruptions
  • Homelessness
  • Disengagement with education/employment or meaningful activities
  • Chronic organic health issues

YDAP Counselling​

Young people are offered support ranging from short-term counselling focused on specific problems or immediate crises through to long-term, in-depth psychotherapy.

The longer term work aims to address significant psychological issues, struggles of personal meaning, self-esteem and the impact of past events, including trauma, that are typically associated with chronic relapsing substance misuse.

Through the process of psychotherapy, clients are assisted to gain insight, become aware of choices they didn't initally recognise, find more effective ways of relating to others and develop personal resilience.

The long term approach incorporates a through care model and works with other services as required.

Group Programs

  • What are they? The Alcohol and Drug Service regularly runs support and education groups for people who are having difficulty with alcohol and other drugs, people seeking support in preventing relapse, and for friends and family members.
  • How do I access them? Contact the Alcohol and Drug Service Intake line on (02) 5124 9977 or (02) 5124 1580.
  • How much does it cost? All groups are free but require registration to attend.

Supporting Families and Friends Group

A skills-based 5 week program for families, friends and carers of people with substance use issues designed to manage stress and facilitate healthier relationships with loved ones. A supportive and safe environment to share personal experiences and wisdom.

Controlling Your Drinking Group

A 3 hour program over 2 weeks designed to help people assess their alcohol use and possible barriers that prevent them from reducing their use.

Therapeutic Recovery Group

A 5 week group program designed for individuals with, or caring for, someone with alcohol and other drug issues who want to learn: meditation and other mindfulness techniques; how to identify and let go of unhelpful thoughts, feelings, sensations and urges; and how to better manage stress and uncomfortable emotions.

Mindfulness, Meditation and Stress Management Course

An ongoing, therapeutic group for adults with alcohol and other drug issues who wish to develop and maintain healthier lifestyles. Participants need to be involved in individual counselling. A minimum of six weeks attendance is necessary if a certificate is required. An assessment must be completed prior to commencement.

Advanced Meditation

Ongoing meditation group for the people who have completed the 5 week mindfulness, meditation and stress management course.

Further information

For more information on groups and other services offered by the Alcohol and Drug Service, please contact the Intake line on (02) 5124 9977 or (02) 5124 1580.

Page last updated on: 24 Jan 2022