What vaccines does my child need and when?

what vaccines does my child need and when

Babies and children need to be vaccinated on time to protect them against preventable diseases. The National Immunisation Program (NIP) is designed to offer vaccines at specific ages and this timed schedule gives the child best protection for life. The ACT Immunisation Schedule provides details of when vaccines are due.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children also receive Meningococcal B vaccine at 2, 4 and 12 months of age.

Some children may require additional vaccines. Speak with your immunisation provider.

If your child is starting school it is valuable to know the Requirements for entry to school, preschool and childcare – Parent Handbook.

The Childhood Schedule from


2 Months
(can be given from 6 weeks of age)

4 Months

6 Months

12 Months

18 Months

4 years 

*Children with certain medical conditions aged 6 months and older may require additional immunisations.

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