Where can I have my child vaccinated?

where can i have my child vaccinated

Babies and children can have their vaccinations at:

  • A General Practitioner (GP). If you do not have a GP visit the Find a Health Service webpage.
  • Early Childhood Immunisation Clinics for children up to their 6th birthday.

The location and operating days of Early Childhood Immunisation Clinics can be found on the Canberra Health Services website.

All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to receive their vaccination at an Early Childhood Immunisation Clinic. If a carer other than the parent or guardian is with the child for the appointment, written consent from the parent or guardian and a phone call at the time of appointment will be required for the vaccination to proceed. Please don’t forget to bring your child’s Personal Health Record (blue book) with you to record all vaccines your child receives.

Page last updated on: 26 Apr 2022