Charter of Rights

ACT Mental Health Act 2015

The ACT Mental Health Act 2015 sets out the laws that apply to the assessment, treatment, care or support of people who experience a mental illness or disorder.

You can access the Mental Health Act 2015 on the ACT Legislation website.

Charter of Rights

The Charter of Rights makes sure everyone who experiences mental health issues is treated equally and has access to high quality health care and social services.

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The Chief Psychiatrist

The Chief Psychiatrist is responsible for the treatment, care and support of people with a mental illness under the care of Canberra Health Services public mental health services. They are also responsible for Psychiatric Treatment Orders, Forensic Psychiatric Treatment Orders and promoting continual service improvement and clinical best practice to fulfil the principles of the Mental Health Act 2015.

The Chief Psychiatrist is supported by team of staff who perform these responsibilities and makes sure that the rights of people with lived experience of mental illness are upheld.

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