Resources for consumers and carers

For definitions of terms used in these resources, please see the definitions table.

These information sheets contain useful information relating to the Mental Health Act 2015:

Immediate help

Crisis support

If your situation is life-threatening, call Triple 000 immediately for help or visit your nearest Emergency Department.

If you need immediate support and assistance, please call Access Mental Health on 1800 629 354 or 02 6205 1065. Access Mental Health is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,  providing assessment and treatment services and  advice and information for mental health concerns. 

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Information sheets

Information sheets relating to treatment, care, and support under the Mental Health Act 2015 are designed to:

  • outline the principles of the Act, including your rights
  • explain how your choices are respected
  • describe various aspects of the Act, including different types of Mental Health Orders.


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