Ways to Wellbeing

For some people, the holidays are a time of joy and happiness. But for others they are the most difficult time of the year. Stay healthy and happy by following these ways to wellbeing.

1. Give back

Keep yourself busy and connect with your local community.

Volunteering can broaden your friendships. Become a volunteer. Start searching for a volunteering opportunity that you'll enjoy by visiting Volunteering ACT.

2. Reach out

Reach out to a neighbour, family member, friend or community group.

Jump online. Find out what’s happening in your community, connect with friends, join an online forum or look for self-help tools.

3. Seek help

Seek professional help if you need to. Contact these crisis and information services 24/7 during the holidays:

The ACT Government provides a range of mental health services and a mental health triage service.

When other frontline services like GPs might not be available, visit our Walk-in Centres; CALMS and National Home Doctor Service for GPs after hours; or call healthdirect Australia for 24 hour health advice.

4. Be prepared

Not everything always goes to plan, so focus on what is most important, and simplify your festive season if you normally commit to too much.

5. Look after yourself

Clear your mind by going for a walk, listen to relaxing music or read a book. Get enough rest and make healthy eating choices.

6. Be active

Maintain your physical health. Exercise is good for the body, and can positively impact on your social, emotional and overall wellbeing. Regular exercise can help promote a relaxed state of mind, boost self-esteem and help people connect.

Page last updated on: 16 Oct 2018