Other Scholarship and Grant Resources (non ACT Health)

Image of Mortar board and scrollThe following grants and scholarships may be suitable for consideration by allied health professionals. The organisations listed below are external to ACT Health and the information is intended only to provide an overview of potential research and scholarship opportunities. Please contact this Office if you believe the content is out of date and/or is missing an important research/scholarship link.

Please confirm the information in the links with the authority offering the grant/scholarship and advise this Office if the link/s are out of date or do not work.

Information on scholarships available through ACT Health for staff can be downloaded at ACT Health Scholarships

ACT Scholarships and Research Grants

For information on a range of non ACT Health scholarships and grants, e.g. offered by non-government and philanthropic organisations, and which may have relevance for allied health professionals interested in research and further study, see below

Margaret Corden Scholarship

The Margaret Corden Scholarship is awarded annually to an individual, or a project, that advances knowledge and expertise in the area of palliative care.

Applications for the 2013 Maragret Corden scholarship are now open.

If you have an idea for a palliative care-related project please consider applying for this scholarship.

For further information please go to

www.pallcareact.org.au/palliativecareact/news/article/?id=margaret-corden-scholarship-applications-now-open, or contact Palliative Care ACT on 6273 9606 or office@pallcareact.org.au

Cancer Council ACT Cancer Research Grants

The Cancer Council ACT is committed to funding research on all aspects of cancer, including cancer prevention, detection and treatment, as well as understanding and improving the emotional (psychological) and social impact of the disease. All research conducted and funded by The Council is only possible because of the generous support of the ACT community through bequests, donations and support of our fundraising events.

All Cancer Council funded research is assessed by national experts in the field to ensure that projects with the best chance of success are supported. Peer-assessed research has led to major advances in our knowledge about cancer and this knowledge has led to improved treatments for cancer. Research also identifies treatments with fewer side effects and leads to more sophisticated early detection methods, which usually means a better outcome for the patient.

Please go to www.actcancer.org/research/grant-applications.aspx for further information

National Scholarships and Research Grants

Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA) Scholarships and Cadetships

Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA) is the National peak body representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander allied health professionals and students.

The IAHA website provides a range of links to assist in finding a scholarship or grant that best suits the needs of individuals considering a career in allied health.

Please click on weblink below for more information on scholarship opportunities

SARRAH-Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health

SARRAH’s primary objective is to advocate for, develop and provide services to enable Allied Health Professionals who live and work in rural and remote areas of Australia to confidently and competently carry out their professional duties in providing a variety of health services to rural and remote Australians.

SARRAH manages SARRAH manages five allied health scholarship streams under the Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship and Support Scheme(NAHSS). the five scholarship streams are as follows:
Details about each type of scholarship can be viewed at www.sarrah.org.au/site/index.cfm?display=250845

  • Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Clinical Placement Scholarship
  • Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Clinical Psychology Scholarship

Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Foundation

The Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Foundation offers one or more scholarships each year for full]time postgraduate research in one of the allied health sciences. Each award is tenable for up to two years at an Australian tertiary institution with facilities for posgraduate research. Graduates in evidence-based disciplines such as clinical psychology, nutrition, nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech pathology, are encouraged to apply. Applications from graduates of other allied health disciplines pursuing a PhD in that field will also be considered.

Comprehensive information on scholarship tenure, application and selection process, purpose and qualifications can be obtained at the link below,


Australian Lung Foundation

The Lung Foundation, as part of its Mission, raises funds to promote medical research into the cause, treatment and cure of lung conditions. The aim of the Foundation's Research Awards is to advance the understanding, prevention and treatment of lung disease in Australia.

The Foundation currently supports a range of research awards as listed below however all prospective applicants are encouraged to contact the Foundation via the link below to ensure this information remains current at the time of enquiry.
1: Postgraduate Grant-in Aid for Lung Cancer Research
2: Undergraduate Grant-in-Aid for Lung Cancer Research
3: Australian Lung Foundation/Ludwig Engel Grant-in-Aid for Physiological Research
4: Australian Lung Foundation/Boehringer Engelheim COPD Research Fellowship
5: Australian Lung Foundation/Lizotte Family Research Award for Interstitial Pulmonary Fibrosis

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

NHMRC invites all researchers in Australia to apply for funding through schemes ranging from scholarships to research programs.
Information on the NHMRC's full range of research grants and scholarship awards can be obtained at the link www.nhmrc.gov.au/grants/apply-funding

Arthritis Australia

Along with education and assistance, Arthritis Australia spearheads the effort to further knowledge of arthritis and to search for cures. Much of Arthritis Australia's work is directed toward raising funds to provide grants, fellowships and scholarships. Professor Graeme Jones is the medical director of Arthritis Australia and chair of the Research Grants Assessment Committee.

Arthritis Australia conducts an annual research grants program open to both national and international researchers, and funds the chair of rheumatology at the University of Sydney.

As well as a national research program, some of the state affiliate offices provide financial support for local research projects and academic rheumatology initiatives. These include the Chair of Rheumatology at Queensland University and senior lecturer positions at Sydney's Westmead Hospital and the Arthritis Foundation of Victoria Centre for Rheumatic Diseases.

Information on forthcoming grants and awards can be accessed at www.arthritisaustralia.com.au/index.php/research-grants6.html

Arthritis NSW

Arthritis NSW Research Principles

The following principles underpin the provision of research funding by Arthritis NSW:

Arthritis NSW (ANSW) supports qualitative and quantitative research initiatives.

Standard project deliverables apply to all research projects funded by Arthritis NSW as stipulated below.

Projects requesting funding must identify how Arthritis NSW will be involved in disseminating the findings from the project.

The ANSW Research Template is to be completed by all researchers applying for funding

For further information on research grants, application and selection process and opening and closing dates please click on link arthritisnsw.org.au/research/, or phone 1800 011 041 or info@arthritisnsw.org.au

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)

JDRF offers travel grants to early-stage researchers, and to allied health and nursing professionals, to support the development of expertise in the field of type 1 diabetes research in Australia.

JDRF supports excellence and innovation in research in the field of type 1 diabetes to advance the level and impact of type 1 diabetes research in Australia.

JDRF invites applications for grants of up to $2,000 for domestic travel or $4,000 for international travel to research institutions or scientific meetings, for the purpose of furthering the applicant’s expertise in the field of type 1 diabetes

Details on JDRF grant rounds and application and selection proceses can be downloaded at www.jdrf.org.au/type-1-diabetes-research/travel-grants

International Scholarships and Research Grants

Gates Foundation Grants

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation seeks novel ideas from every scientific discipline as part of its new grantmaking initiative.

Further information about their grant commitments can be downloaded at www.gatesfoundation.org/How-We-Work/General-Information/How-We-Make-Grants

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